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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very difficult to place a monetary value on human life. Theoretically therefore an individual can have life policies for any amount. However, in practice, it is determined based on the needs for insurance and the capacity to pay premiums regularly.

No policy can be issued for a period of more than one year ordinarily. However, for motor cycles and scooters only, the Act Policy in Form A, which is the minimum compulsory insurance required by law, may be issued on a long term basis.

With an SIP, you can invest fixed amounts at regular pre-determined intervals (monthly or quarterly) in a mutual fund scheme.

To start investing through Equity SIP there are 2 options
1. Through TT Web
2. Through TT exe

Tax efficiency should serve as the foundation for any financial or property related investment. We have helped our clients around the world to reduce their taxes on income as well other taxes related to finance and property.

First of all you decide when you retire, be comfortable with what you have and be happy? We can not guarantee happy but we can help with providing you with what you think is comfortable in terms of the money you need.

When planning to purchase real estate it is highly recommended that not only you consider the best way to leverage but also the type of structure you can use to purchase. We can offer you a solution that best fits you depending on your circumstances.

At some stage you will have questions about how best to do this. What is required is unbiased advice so consider having a free initial assessment with us. We do not rely on commissions from the outset and our way of business is unlike any other company that offers the services we do.

We can assist by offering services through our global network of partners. We can liaise with our partners whose core business is setting up and managing companies, trusts and other structures to meet the specific personal or business needs of our clients. Typically these needs would include tax planning, wealth protection, foreign property ownership and facilitating cross-border business.